Objectifying the male Creature – Part 1

Objectifying the male Creature – Part 1

Throughout history, women have been objectified and subjugated by the inferior male creature on a systematic level. In almost every country in the world, women were seen as possessions or objects to be viewed by the male gaze. Well, this disgusting practice has no place here. In this sacred space, men are to be seen and not heard. Their little opinions matter not. Here, Womyn are to be treated as the Goddesses they are and honoured for the divine feminine that every Womyn has within them.

Therefore, let us discuss how these man-things should be used. They do have some useful qualities after all. They possess physical strength, should they be properly trained and worked, therefore they are ideal for use in labour. Menial tasks are beneath the sacred Womyn, those types of duties are suited for creatures that are more brawn than brain.

Manual labour is good for the male creature psychologically as well as physically. How many times have you seen the satisfaction on the male creatures face when they have successfully carried out a manual task? What is it that they say? A job well done! These are the types of tasks that bring a sense of accomplishment and worth to the man-thing. They are not suited to tasks that require any sort of emotional intelligence or self reflection, as I’m sure you’ve noticed when looking at any successful politician or businessman. They simply lack the capacity to be of use outside in these aspects and as a result of allowing them to be in these roles, just look at what has become of our world.

Lawn care, car maintenance, cleaning, building, gardening, farming, building maintenance – all of these things are ways that you can put your man-thing to work for you to improve your surroundings and, therefore, your wellbeing. It is an honour for any male creature to be allowed to serve in such a way. Worship and devotion to a superior Womyn is the true purpose for these male creatures, and therefore the place where they will find the most fulfilment in their own lives.

So when you see your man-thing sitting around being useless, put them to work!

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