Makeup basics for sissies 1 – What to buy

Makeup basics for sissies 1 – What to buy

Makeup is probably one of the most important aspects of feminisation. Learning to do your makeup effectively can allow you to look beautiful and impress any Mistress or Master that catches your eye. It is also, usually, one of the more intimidating things to learn for budding sissies. The fear of looking like a raccoon who was run over by a garbage truck is a very real concern.

Whenever you feel this fear creeping up on you, I’d like you to think back to your youth. Remember all of those young, teenage girls coming to school looking dreadful as they were learning the art of makeup. You are no different, you’re simply getting a later start. No one can buy some makeup for the first time and look instantly glamorous, so don’t be too hard on yourself while learning this new skill.

Choosing Your Colour Palette

You’re peacefully browsing makeup at the shop when suddenly you spot the most amazing bright red lipstick. You love it so much and simply have to have it. You buy it, bring it home, and immediately put it on. But when you look in the mirror, it looks just awful. You can’t understand it, it’s such a beautiful colour, and everyone looks good in bright red lipstick, don’t they? If this sounds familiar, you understand the importance of finding the right colours for you. And don’t worry, there will be a shade of bright red lipstick that looks fabulous on you, you simply have to find it.

With every type of skin tone, there are colours that compliment and some that just look terrible. This is why my first golden rule of buying makeup is swatching. If you are unaware of swatching, it is simply drawing a line on the inner arm in the makeup that you are thinking about purchasing. Long sleeves will come in handy for this if you are being discrete. When you swatch a lipstick or eyeshadow, it gives you a good idea of how the colour will look. Always try before you buy.

There are a million different skin tone tests that are generally offered at various makeup counters around the globe, but honestly swatching is more effective than any test will be. The reason for this is that tests tend to narrow your colour palette to a generic “summer” or “autumn” palette. Someone who is given a “winter” colour palette will be told to avoid brighter colours or pastels, etc. This is the same advice given to our grandmothers and hasn’t changed in years. The problem is, it’s completely untrue these days. The makeup industry has experienced a revolution. The vibrancy and variety of colour palettes these days is far more expansive than it was in the days of these shade tests. Yes, you can have a “winter” skin tone and still wear pinks and pastels, you just have to find the right shade to go with your skin tone.

First Buys

Now that you’ve swatched everything you’ve laid your lovely eyes upon, it’s time to purchase your first items. When it comes to feminisation, there are a few basics that will get you started nicely.


The first thing you should look at is a good contour palette. Contour can feminise your face more than anything else and lays the foundation to create a beautiful feminine face. An orange-based colour corrector should be added to this if facial stubble is an issue.


Foundation should be next. Be sure to swatch it and make sure it matches your skin tone. This will go under the contour, but I’ve placed it second in the list because contour is much more important. Where contour builds the foundation for your makeup, the foundation creates the blank slate from which to build. Ideally, it is good to swatch the foundation that you are thinking of buying but wait until the next day to buy it. This way, if you have a reaction of some sort to the foundation, you haven’t already spent money on something that you can’t use.


You now need to look at powder. I prefer a loose powder myself, but swatch it and see how it feels on your skin. You do not want a powder that feels too heavy or clumps. Simply find one that is light and softens the look of your skin.


You now have your base makeup. Now you simply need makeup to build your look. When it comes to eyeshadow, it doesn’t hurt to start with a nice neutral palette. Neutral palettes tend to look nice on a wide variety of skin tones and serve as good palettes to practice applying the eyeshadow with. Don’t forget to swatch it!

Eyeliner and mascara are very much the same. A soft black is a good first purchase as odds are, it will work with whatever eyeshadow you decide to purchase.


And finally, lipstick. Lipstick is my favourite thing to swatch simply because you leave the store with a rainbow of different lipstick shades up and down your arms which feels fairly hilarious. If being discrete, don’t forget your long sleeves. If you feel like you need some help but are worried about being outed, simply play the part of the dumb guy buying a gift for his daughter/mother/wife and they will help you with an apologetic, “Oh poor boys simply don’t get it” smile. But swatch, swatch, swatch. Lipstick is the worst offender when it comes to being just slightly off of the tone you want, which is why one ends up with a drawer full of never-used lipsticks.


These simple items are a perfect way to start out when learning makeup artistry. I highly recommend buying and learning to use proper makeup brushes instead of using the small brushes that come with the items. Good makeup brushes can make an amazing difference in your look. And remember practice, practice, practice! Practice make perfect, and when you can look and feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside, you will feel like a brand new woman. Eventually, you’ll turn every head at the dungeon.

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